Uruguay Senate to Present Revised Abortion Law

Senators in Uruguay will be preparing to present a revised law legalizing abortion, reports Fox News Latino. The measure had already been passed by the Senate once before, but due to Uruguay's lower house making changes, they will now have to vote on the bill again. 

President Jose Mujica has stated publicly that he will sign a bill to legalize abortion. The proposed bill, while decriminalizing abortions, will require women to justify themselves to a panel of professionals: a gynecologist, a psychologist and a social worker. Women will then have to wait five days before receiving news on whether their abortion has been approved. Late-term abortions will only be permitted if the mother's life is in danger or if the fetus is shown to be deformed. In the case of rape, the procedure could be approved two weeks after the usual "cut-off date."

Cuba is the only other country in the region where women have access to first-trimester abortions. Colombia allows them only if the fetus is shown to be deformed. Mexico City and Argentina also both have decriminalized abortion procedures. 

“It’s important that the woman who decides to have an abortion attend this meeting (with the panel of experts), where she will be informed about all the options, including alternatives that she is free to choose from,” said Iván Posada, the law’s writer, to the UK-based website.

The voting timeline is unclear.

What do you think of the proposed bill? Should women have to justify having an abortion to experts or should all abortions be outlawed? Share in the comments!