'Upscale Hispanics' Could Be the Answer to Heal Middle Class

As for their connection to their culture, ‘Upscale Hispanics’ identify themselves as bicultural and are fully bilingual.

They’re also extremely tech savvy and reportedly appreciate a simplified but constantly online lifestyle. That’s a no brainer; earlier this year, we reported on a national Pew study that found that a large slab of Latinos and blacks are Internet users and are also avid users of both Twitter and Instagram.

With regards to jobs, Latinos are surpassing the rest of the population in jobs recovery- their employment rates are also higher than when the Great Recession began. That’s all great and dandy, but we can’t overlook the recent study by the National Women’s Law Center that revealed that the average Latina only makes 55 cents to every dollar, in comparison to the average white woman (who makes 77 cents). We still have a ways to go.

One thing is for sure – these ‘Upscale Hispanics’ have their eye on the American Dream. They’re entrepreneurial and their business ownership has soared tremendously over the past decade.

With all that said… are you an ‘Upscale Hispanic’?