UPDATE: Venezuelan Baseball Player Wilson Ramos Rescued After Kidnapping

We were extremely relieved to hear this news over the weekend. Wilson Ramos, a catcher for the Washington Nationals, was rescued this past Friday after being kidnapped in Venezuela, People reports. Last week, NTN24 reported that Ramos, who is a catcher for the DC-based baseball team, was kidnapped on Wedmesday from his family home in Venezuela.

The day after he was rescued, 24-year-old Ramos spoke to Venezuelan state TV about his ordeal. He was reportedly kept in a mountain hideaway and said that the gunmen who held him there shared little about their plan. "I lay there and it was pretty hard for me, to think about getting out of this alive first of all," Ramos said, "about how my family were doing, about my mother."

Kathe Vilera, a spokeswoman for the local Aragua Tigres team where Ramos was playing during the Major League Baseball’s off-season, announced what she knew on her Twitter page, “We only know four armed men in a van took him away from his house.”

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According to Reuters, police confirmed that Ramos was kidnapped in his hometown of Valencia. Jose Humberto Ramirez, who oversees Venezuela's investigative police force, told local radio that men burst into the home at around 7 p.m. while Ramos was spending time with his family and friends. Most kidnappings in Venezuela (and many Latin American countries) stem from financial motives, with gangs demanding large amounts of ransom.

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Last week, USA Today reported that Venezuelan officials announced they found the vehicle used to kidnap Ramos. The car was abandoned in a nearby town and police are working on the case. Both the MLB and Washington Nationals Team issued a statement, in which both organizations stated their foremost concern for Ramos and his family. “Major League Baseball's Department of Investigations is working with the appropriate authorities on this matter,” the statement read. “Both Major League Baseball and the Washington Nationals have been instructed to make no further comment."

Ramos was acquired by his team at last year’s trade deadline from the Minnesota Twins for pitcher Matt Capps. 

Ramos said he will start playing again as soon as he feels all right. "They didn't physically harm me, but psychologically I underwent very great harm," he said.

Check out a news report below of Ramos' rescue: