UPDATE: Guatemalan First Lady Ruled Ineligible for Presidency

It is looking like former First Lady of Guatemala Sandra Torres will not be able to run for president even though she divorced her husband, Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom, so that she can be considered for the nation’s highest office. According to the Agence-France-Presse, Guatemala’s constitution does not allow close blood relatives of the Guatemalan president and those of “second level affinity” to run for the nation’s presidency. According to the country’s supreme court spokesperson Edwin Escobar, the divorce papers were filed on March 11.

Since Torres announced her candidacy several months ago, a political controversy has been mounting—complete rulings from the highest Guatemalan courts—around whether or not she committed fraud when she divorced Colom to avoid the constitutional provision. Now, CNN reports that supporters of Torres filed a request to withdraw a previous appeal they had placed to allow her candidacy in next week’s presidential elections. Francisco Dario Lobo, the judicial body’s president who represented the supporters, told CNN en Español that pursuing the appeal could further “conditions of instability.”

During her candidacy announcement earlier this year, Torres was quoted to have said that she decided to run “for the people, for my country, for the elderly, children, disabled, abandoned, orphaned, for all the needy in Guatemala.”