UPDATE: Father Alberto Cutie Regrets Criticizing Ricky Martin

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Padre Alberto Cutie regrets criticizing Ricky Martin for becoming a father via surrogate mother two years ago. At the time, Cutie said that the official position of the Roman Catholic Church was that it was against God's plans to use in-vitro, insemination or a surrogate, but clarified that it was not his personal opinion.

Father Cutie was well-known in the Miami area when a sex scandal rocked his career and parish. Cutie was, at the time, under an oath of celibacy as a Roman Catholic priest. But he fell in love with Ruhama Canellis and the couple was soon caught in a compromising position by paparazzi.

Since then, the Father has joined the Episcopal Church, married, and wrote a book, Dilemma: A Priest's Struggle with Faith and Love (Celebra, $25.95) in which he criticizes the church calling it "misogynistic," "disconnected" and an "institution that continues to promote old ideas."

He also had a baby with his wife, Camila Victoria, on November 30, 2010. All this change seems to have caused a change of heart with Father Cutie, when TV Y Novelas asked him about Ricky Martin during a recent interview, his tune changed.

"I'm not against what he did, may God bless all human beings, all are loved by God," Cutie said. "Having to hide who you are is really painful, and I would not want that for Ricky or any other personliving in hiding because of society thinks is the most painful thing in the world."

UPDATE: We spoke with Father Cutie and he disputes TV Y Novelas claim that he was ever critical of Ricky Martin and reminds us that he is the only priest to ever be nominated by GLAAD for preaching acceptance. Stay tuned for our interview with Padre Cutie next week!

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