These Women Are Dropping Their Domestic Abuse Cases in Fear of Deportation

These Women Are Dropping Their Domestic Abuse Cases in Fear of Deportation

Undocumented immigrants aren't exactly feeling comfortable in Trump's America, so much so that women are keeping quiet about their assault cases.

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According to NPR, four women in Colorado have dropped their cases of domestic abuse due to fear of being deported. "We had pending cases that we were prosecuting on their behalf and since January 25, the date of the president's executive order [on immigration]," Denver City Attorney Kristin Bronson explained. "Those four women have let our office know they were not willing to proceed with the case for fear that they would be spotted in the courthouse and deported."

Bronson explains that there was a clear change of heart in these women, much due to a video that surfaced last month showing ICE offers making an arrest at a Denver courthouse. "As a result, we have grave concerns here that they distrust the court system now and that we're not going to have continued cooperation of victims and witnesses."

The Denver-based attorney has attempted a temporary solution by asking ICE agents to make arrests away from the courthouse if possible. "Without victims willing to testify we've had to dismiss those charges and the violent offenders have seen no consequences for their violent acts," she said, about the four women. Despite the realities of deportation, ICE claims to only be targeting undocumented immigrants with criminal records.

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The women's fear, though, stems from President Trump's most recent travel ban and immigration reform. This means, of course, that the abusers are left without repercussions for their actions. And, possibly more importantly, the women are left feeling helpless for their futures.