Undocumented Immigrants Feeling the Tougher Border Controls

Over the last few years, the magnitude of border patrol forces has increased dramatically due to new barriers and tougher policing. While the changes have created less of a migration from the Mexican border to the north, according to a Pew Hispanic Center, a new report by Reuters taps into how the tougher regulations have affected immigrants in search of a better life in the U.S.

“It used to be so easy," said Lucia Anglo, 55. After her mother died in the U.S., Anglo made several attempts to cross the border, but was eventually caught by a patrolman, arrested, and sent back to Mexico. She admits that she used to successfully cross the border at least twice and year and recently lost track of how many times she has gotten caught since border security increased. At least “more then 10 times,” she confessed.

As security continues to get tougher, there has also been a 70% spike in assaults against border patrol officers, according to NBC. "Anytime we see assaults go up, it's just a reminder of how dangerous it is and how we always have to be aware of our surroundings and protect our fellow agents," Conlin said.