UCLA Shuts Down 'National Dream University'

The University of California is shutting down the plan for National Dream University, a college program for undocumented immigrants and labor rights activists that would offer online courses as a collaboration between the University of California, Los Angeles Center for Labor Research and Education and the National Labor College.

The NDU had already started recruiting students, with its website explaining that it was "an educational opportunity to those who have demonstrated leadership and commitment to the immigrant and/or labor rights movements (with admission) open to everyone, regardless of their immigration status."

California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly was the first lawmaker to publicly express his outrage, reports FoxNews.com. "Here, you're going to have the taxpayers subsidizing it, so that illegal aliens can go to college, have their own little college, teach their own ideology, and all at taxpayer expense," he said in August.

UCLA contends that the program was "negotiated without the consultation or approval of UCLA's academic and administrative leadership. Therefore, the agreement has been declared void."

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