Two Students Killed in New Mexico High School Shooting


There have been over 250 school shootings in the United States since 2013.

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On Thursday two students, Casey Marquez, a cheerleader and Francisco Fernandez, football player, were shot and killed in Aztec High School, Aztec, New Mexico, marking it the 57th shooting this year alone.

The shooter is also confirmed to be dead, according to  via the San Juan County Sheriff's official Facebook account. The school, which has about 900 students, is near the Navajo Nation. According to a statement from the Navajo Nation Office of the President and Vice President, 15 other people were injured in the horrific shooting.

Aztec Police responded to an 8:00 am call, shortly after classes started. One student, Garrett Parker, described the noise as lockers banging, but as the noise got louder, they realized it was gunshots. They immediately huddled in the corner of their classroom for safety, luckily enough their History teacher always locked the door. When Parker and his classmates were walking out of the building they were told to not look to the right because there was a body lying there, he told KOAT Action 7 News.

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Officials have not release who the gunman was or the motive for the attack.