Two More Women Come Forward About Sexual Harassment in Detention Center

Women in detention centers often do not speak out about sexual misconduct because of fear of any retaliation.

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According to My Statesman in just one month three woman have claimed to have been sexually harassed by a guard.

In the Williamson County federal immigration detention center, a privately owned facility, two more women have accused guards of sexually harassing them. Grassroots Leadership, an organization that works with communities across the nation to abolish for-profit private prisons, jails, and detention centers, spoke to a woman, identified only as Ana, about a female guard who repeatedly asked her about her sexuality, told her they were going to be together one day, and stared at her inappropriately in the facility’s recreational area.

Grassroots also said another woman identified as Esmeralda, currently at T. Don Hutto, claimed she no longer goes to the recreational area to avoid that same guard.

The first person to file a report was a Salvadoran woman named, Laura Monterrosa, who is currently at T. Don Hutto.

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The Williamson County’s sheriff has given no updates on these incidents, a spokesperson said.