Two Kindergarten Girls Poisoned With Yogurt Planted By Rival School

Horrific. We just heard about a rivalry between two schools that left two kindergarten girls dead. A Xinhua news agency is reporting that a poisoned yogurt killed two young girls after it was left close to their school, located in the Hebei province of China.

According to the agency, the dangerous snack was part of a malicious plan by the owner of the girls’ rival school. She apparently wanted to attract students to her school. How she thought planting rat poison in yogurt would accomplish more students in the school is really beyond us.

A man who allegedly helped the school’s owner plant the treat has also been detained.

The yogurt, which was found on a roadside next to school notebooks, was reportedly passed on to the two girls by their grandmother, who had no idea of the poison inside the snack. Why would the grandmother even touch that, though?

This tragic story boggles our minds – and we feel deeply for the families of the girls who lost their lives.

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