TSA Report: Newark Officers Racially Profiled Latinos

Latinos are being targeted by the TSA and other airport security at Newark Liberty International Airport.

According to New Jersey’s Star-Ledger newspaper, a recent TSA report stated, “Mexican and Dominican passengers were singled out for scrutiny of their travel documents as an easy way to drive up the number of referrals by Newark's (behavior detection officer) unit so that it would appear productive.”

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A TSA spokesperson insisted that this was an “isolated” situation. There is an available list of 70 indicators that TSA officers are supposed to refer to when assessing a passengers threat to a flight. However, none of these indicators reference race, ethnicity, or religion.

Apparently, the targeted Latino passengers would be asked additional questions and were subjected to a rigorous review of their passports, visas, and luggage.

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The TSA plans to retrain their officers, but that doesn't seem like a good enough guarantee that racial profiling of Latinos will subside.