Trump Victory Causes Student Walk-Outs and Protests Across the Nation

Trump Victory Causes High School Student Walk-Outs and Protests

After the being let down by the tragic results of our presidential election, our nation's youth is taking a stand for their rights. 

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Half of the student body walked out of class just before 9 a.m. at Berkeley High School in protest of Donald Trump's victory. As the 1,500 students walked out, some students chanted, "Si se puede" and waved Mexican flags. 

An estimated 2,000 students also rallied at UCLA right after Trump's victory speech. While a Trump piñata was set on fire in a trash can outside around 1 a.m., the police reported that the rest of the protest was peaceful. Many people chanted, "Not my president," as they walked through the streets with lifted arms.

"Of course I joined in," N.J. Omorogieva said, who spotted the crowd as she was walking home. "To give hugs to people who were come by devastation."

The protests weren't just limited to these locations — they were also at UC Santa Barbara, University of Pittsburgh, and many other places across the country.

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As time progresses, we're sure we'll only see more resistance to our nation's unfortunate political situation.