Man Allegedly Attacks Latino and Muslim While Shouting “Trump! Trump! Trump!"

Man Allegedly Attacks Hispanic Man and Muslim Student, Yells, “Trump! Trump! Trump! Make America Great Again!”

Donald Trump supporter allegedly attacked a Latino man and a Muslim student while shouting, "Trump! Trump! Trump!" The incident, which took place on the grounds of Wichita State University, happened between Friday night and Saturday morning.

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“The man was yelling at the African American guy, calling him a lazy a**, saying, ‘You guys don’t work. He was using racial slurs,” Khondoker Usama told the Washington Post.  

The pro-Trump man then redirected his attention to 23-year-old Usama and his Latino friend.

“Hey, you brown trash, you better go home,” he yelled, according to Usama.

At that point, Usama’s friend replied by questioning the assailant’s right to kick him out of the country. Usama said the attacker then pushed his friend, taunting him to repeat what he had just said. That’s when the beating ensued.

“The man started punching my friend. My friend dodged the first punch. I got in the middle of them — I told my friend to get back in the car. [The man] pushed me and he hit me over. He was shouting, ‘Trump! Trump will take our country from you guys,” Usama continued.

The man fled the scene before police arrived, but not before shouting, “Trump! Trump! Trump! Make America great again! You guys are the losers! You guys, we’ll throw you over the wall.”

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Usama and his friend have refrained from speaking directly to the media, but have reported the incident as a hate crime.