TripAdvisor Will Now Identify Hotels Where Sexual Assault Has Been Reported

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Safety should always be a number one priority!

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Sexual assault is an offense that can take on many forms,  but one thing remains the same, it's a serious issue that cannot be ignored. TripAdvisor sees the severity of this issue and is taking new measures to protect its customers. Over this past week, the American travel and restaurant website company shared its new feature which will mark certain hotels with an icon signifying locations of various offenses from sexual assault to discrimination. 

In an interview with Glamour, TripAdvisor shared why the new feature is important; "We’d been exploring the feasibility of a new badge notification system for a number of months. There were a number of user cases that led us to explore the idea. We’re always looking for ways to improve our policies, guidelines, and process, and feedback from the travel community is key to that."

Icons or badges will signify hotels where offenses have taken place for up to three months and can remain on for longer if repeat issues occur. 

According to Glamour, "Upon the launch of this new feature, Paraiso Maya was one of the locations that TripAdvisor issued the warning badge for. Several additional hotels in Mexico—including Iberostar Paraiso Lindo and Grand Vellas—were given a similar warning after reports indicated they had issues with 'tainted alcohol and sexual assault'."

Locations that are marked with the icon or badge will remain on the site, along with negative comments in pursuit of TripAdvisor's goals to present transparency and honesty to their customers. 

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In a world where sexual assault, discrimination, and health violations are too present, we are happy to see that TripAdvisor is taking measure to improve safety and we hope other companies will follow their initiative!