Transgender Woman Wins Election, Makes History in Cuba

Adela Hernandez, a transgender who lives as a woman in a central Cuban village, has won an election in a local office -- claiming the win as the "biggest victory" possible over all the "repudiation" she has encountered for the 48 years of her life, reports Fox News Latino.

This month, in the central town of Caibarien, Jose Agustin Hernandez (who now goes by Adela) was elected to be the delegate to the Municipal Assemblies of Popular Power, something unprecedented for a transgender on the island, according to some Cuban activists.

"My two rivals were officials of that assembly, and I'm just somebody from the street, an openly gay person who has felt like a woman since I was born and who was injected with female hormones three years ago," Hernandez, who works as an electrocardiogram technician at a hospital, told Efe.

She cited her win as showing that there is "more acceptance" in Cuba for transgender individuals than previously thought, and that her win fills her with pride. 

"My community accepts me as I am and that's my victory, I tell things the way they are and I'm going to seek justice for them," she said. And while many of her community still struggle with how to address her (some calling her "him" and others, "her"), many believe Hernandez to be the right choice because she is not afraid to say what she feels. 

"This is one more challenge to help overcome the pain I've carried inside me for so long and that began with my family rejecting me. I always did what I chose in society - they didn't want me to dress as a woman, the cops sneered at me, but I kept doing it, and I've got people to respect me as I am," she said.

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