WATCH: Boats Rock at Mexico City Tourist Attraction in Earthquake Aftermath

Mexico is still reeling after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit the country last week and killed hundreds.

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In Mexico City, where 117 people lost their lives, American tourist, Alyne Tamir, took a video that shows another side of the impact. In Lake Xochimilco, typically calm canals were turned into wild waves, rocking boats filled with people.

The Lago de Xochimilco typically looks like this:

Now it looks like this:



While Mexico struggles to rebuild, Puerto Rico, still contenting with the effects of Hurricane Irma, got hit with another blow when Hurricane Maria made landfall this morning as a Category 4 storm. It’s reportedly the strongest storm to hit the island in nearly 80 years. It's expected to move toward Dominican Republic next.

H/T: DailyMail