Tortilla Shops in Mexico are Raising Awareness on Gender-Based Violence 


In Puebla, Mexico the government has classified the murders of more than 90 women this year as acts of femicide.

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According to Aljazeera, Mexico ranks among the most dangerous countries in the world for women, where organized crime and human trafficking are said to play a big role in the death rate.

Gabriela Molina Herrera's whose sister's body was found on the side of the road told Aljazeera, "Because of the way my sister's body was found, at first sight, it was deemed a femicide, and as the newspapers reported, she had been strangled." Tragic incidents like these have prompted the Mexican government to raise awareness about violence against women. More than 170 tortilla shops across the region have been enlisted to help call an end to violence against women by wrapping tortillas with pamphlets that provide information for women who seek help. 

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"They are wrapping customers' orders in pamphlets with information about violence against women and an emergency number women can call for help." said Octavio Dominguez, a local shop owner who is participating in the campaign. He added, "This is a good thing and it benefits us all to help women be informed."

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