Time Magazine Apologizes For Slipping In A Non-Latino On The "Yo Decido" Cover

Looks are definitely deceiving!

Time Magazine's latest "Yo Decido: Why Latinos will pick the next President" cover may look like it features an exclusive array of Latinos, but word spread quickly that the print publication casually slipped in a non-Latino. Can you spot him? Probably not since Latinos are so diverse, but Michael Schennum, who is coincidently on the top row, covered by the letter "M" in the magazine's logo, is actually half-White and half-Chinese.

Election 2012: The Latino Vote

The photographer Marco Grob shot more than 150 Latino voters in the state of Arizona for the cover story, which highlights how Latinos can change the political outcome of the presidential election - especially in key battleground states. Schennum took to his Facebook to clear up the matter, "They never told me what it was for or [asked] if I was Latino."

While the other 42 people featured in the publication were actually Latino, Time released a statement to address the controversy:

"Over the course of three days TIME photographed 151 people for the current cover. We took steps to ensure that everyone self-identified as Latino, that they are registered voters and that they would be willing to answer our questions. If there was a misunderstanding with one of our subjects, we apologize."

What do you think about the slip up?