Texas Abortion Bill Passed in the Senate

NBC Latino reports that Texas State Senator Leticia Van de Putte said the legislation is part of the ongoing "War on Women" and will leave low income Texas women disproportionately dealing with the consequences.

“If this bill becomes law, women across the state, especially those living in rural areas and on low incomes, will effectively lose their constitutional right to control their own bodies and be deprived of health services,” Putte wrote on her Facebook page. “The War on Women continues, and tonight, the women of Texas lost.”

Perry applauded lawmakers for passing the bill, saying, “Today the Texas Legislature took its final step in our historic effort to protect life.” He continued, saying that legislators and anti-abortion activists “tirelessly defended our smallest and most vulnerable Texans and future Texans.”

Gov. Perry is expected to sign the bill into law within the next few days.