Texas Immigration Law has Loophole for 'The Help'

Texas state representative Debbie Riddle has proposed a controversial new law that aims to keep illegal immigrants out of the state. House bill 2012 would make hiring an "unauthorized alien" a crime, punishable by up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine—unless they have been hired as domestic help.

Rep. Aaron Pena attempted to justify the loophole by telling CNN that without the exemption, "a large segment of the Texas population" would wind up in prison.

"When it comes to household employees or yard workers it is extremely common for Texans to hire people who are likely undocumented workers," Pena explained. "It is so common it is overlooked."

Rep. Riddle previously headlines when she claimed that anonymous FBI officials told her that Muslim women were coming to the U.S. to give birth, so that their children could enter the U.S. freely as citizens later in order to to commit acts of terrorism. Riddle dubbed these children "terror babies," strikingly similar to "anchor babies".