Flea Market Abortions on the Rise in Texas

After the House approved a bill on Tuesday to ban abortion, flea market abortions have been on the rise in Texas.

According to MSN Now, women who want abortions can buy drugs to induce miscarriages at an open-air flea market on the Mexican border town of McAllen. Most women who choose to buy these drugs are often too poor to afford an abortion at a clinic or are deterred by some states' 24-hour waiting period.

This black market has potential of booming if rules in Texas pass which could close most, if not all, abortion clinics in the state.

"You’d be amazed at how many people, young people, are taking those pills," said Erlinda Dasquez, a mother of four who has also taken them. "I probably know 12 to 20 people who have done this."

This flea market is also known to sell Viagra and herbal remedies which promise to burn fat and boost breast size.