Crowd Cheers as Representative Tells 11-Year-Old Girl Her Dad Would Have to Be Deported

Well, this is interesting. A crowd attending a town hall in Tennessee clapped when an 11-year-old girl was told that her father would need to be deported, reports MSNBC.

Josie Molina Macareg approached the mic to ask Republican congressman Scott DesJarlais one question: "I have a dad who's undocumented. What can I do so he can stay with me?"

DesJarlais responded to the young girl, "Thank you for being here, and thank you for coming forward and speaking...the answer still kind of remains the same: we have laws and we need to follow those laws, and that's where we're at."

The town hall was examining immigration, and the crowd reportedly cheered as Josie took her seat with her head down. According to the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, who posted the video, Josie's father is in the process of being deported, and the young girl has been placed in therapy to handle her anxiety over the ordeal.

A former physician, DesJarlais is a part of the Tea Party, and ran on a platform of conservative family values. He won re-election in 2012, even after divorce transcripts revealed that he counseled both his ex-wife and a former patient whom he had an affair with to get abortions, according to MSNBC

Watch the video below and let us know: What do you think of DesJarlais statement? Was he correct in stating the facts so bluntly? Was the response out of line? Share in the comments!