2 Teens Convicted in Steubenville Rape Case

Media has been buzzing with the news of the Steubenville, Ohio rape case, which involved two young high school boys and one young woman. The verdict handed down Sunday convicted the two young football stars, Trent Mays, 17, and Ma'lik Richmond, 16, of rape. Mays was sentenced to at least two years in the state juvenile system, while Richmond was sentenced to one year. Both could end up in juvenile jail until they are 21, at the discretion of the State Department of Youth Services. 

The case was initially spurred on by social media, which helped with initial prosecution and also helped spread national outrage. Text messages, tweets, videos and cell phone images provided much of the evidence. The victim did not remember much of what happened on that night last summer. Judge Thomas Lipps who presided described much of the evidence as "profane and ugly," reports the New York Times

While many were fired up about the case, CNN's media coverage came under fire, as two anchors seemed to lament the verdict and sympathized with the convicted rapists, with little focus on the actual victim. They even described the verdict as damaging the "promising futures" of these rapists. Many have signed a petition demanding an apology.

And in the most recent turn of events, two girls were arrested for allegedly threatening the victim after the verdict was announced. Seems this story isn't going to die down any time soon.

What do you think of this case? Was the verdict fair? And should CNN issue an apology? Share in the comments!