Weird News: Mexican Teen Injects Heroin Substitute 'Krokodil' Into Genitals


A Mexican teenager was hospitalized for a gruesome injury after injecting Krokodil into her genitals.


According to Slate, Krokodil is a “flesh-eating” heroin substitute that is popular in Eastern Europe. The drug is a deadly mixture of codeine, gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, iodine and red phosphorous.


The 17-year-old Mexicana shocked doctors when she arrived at a hospital in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco with “severe lacerations” to her reproductive organs.


The New York Daily News reports that medics originally believed she had contracted a severe and horrifying sexually transmitted disease. 


However, the woman confessed that her injuries were caused by her addiction to Krokodil.


“The young woman who used this drug had an infection that had rotted her genitals,” said José Sotero Ruiz Hernández, an official with Mexico’s National Institute of Migration. “It wasn’t sexually transmitted. She said she’d been using Krokodil for the last two months.”


Reportedly, the teenager also told Hernández that the drug, which kills most addicts within a year, is “readily available” on street corners in Mexico. 


Krokodil originated in Russia, and is reportedly significantly cheaper to produce than heroin and much more potent. 


The Huffington Post reports that despite the frequent news coverage of the drug, there have been no confirmed cases of Krokodil abuse in the United States since 2004.