5 Things You Need to Know About Tech Surveillance

3. The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the merits of this program, according to the Washington Post. Back in February, the country’s highest court threw out a legal challenge to the law because the plaintiffs in the case could not prove that they were targeted through surveillance.

4. In a statement, a senior administration official for the Obama administration wrote: “The Guardian and Washington Post articles refer to collection of communications pursuant to Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This law does not allow the targeting of any US citizen or of any person located within the United States.” Meaning, this doesn’t affect American citizens.

5. In a video interview with The Guardian, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden spoke candidly about his decision to leak details about the Prism program. “I’m just another guy who sits there day-to-day in the office and watches what’s happening and goes ‘This is something that’s not our place to decide. The public needs to decide whether these programs or policies are right or wrong.’” Watch the revealing interview here.