A Texas Teacher's Foot is Amputated After Discovering Flesh-Eating Bacteria


A Houston daycare teacher had to have his foot amputated because of flesh-eating bacteria that threatened his life.

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Raul Reyes, 26, visited a hospital for what he thought was a blister on his foot. According to his wife, Joseline Alfaro, Reyes was healthy so it came as a huge shock when tests revealed that flesh-eating bacteria had caused the swelling of his foot.

"We were like, no,no, he's perfectly healthy. We haven't gone to the beach in a year so it's just weird how all of this happened," said Alfaro.

Doctors had to react fast to prevent the parasite from entering his bloodstream and made the hard decision that Reyes would need to have his foot amputated to prevent the infection from spreading through his bloodstream and jeopardizing his life.

According to The Chronicle, doctors believe the bacteria might have entered through an ingrown toenail but it is unclear where he got it from.

The beloved daycare teacher has received words and pictures of encouragement from his students.

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The family set up a Go Fund Me account to help pay for a prosthetic foot.