A California Teacher Fires Gun in Classroom During Firearm Safety Class and Injures Student


On Tuesday, a Seaside High School teacher and reserve officer was placed on administrative leave after his gun hailed a bullet towards the ceiling of a classroom and injured a student.

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While teaching a firearm safety class Dennis Alexander pointed the gun towards the ceiling to make sure it was not loaded, when the gun went off.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured but one student had to go to the hospital for bullet fragments in his neck.

According to Fermin Gonzales, his 17-year-old son came home with blood on his shirt and fragments of the bullet in his neck.

In a statement, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District said, "Today, during class, the teacher accidentally discharged his firearm during a lesson while it was pointed at the ceiling. Debris from the ceiling then fell. Upon learning of the incident, our Human Resources department, school site administration, and the Seaside Police Department immediately began investigating the incident, including interviewing students in the class."

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After the Parkland, Florida shooting last month that killed 17 people, many policymakers are debating whether armings teachers could help protect students.