This Teacher Was Fired for Twerking While on Vacation in Mexico

What happens in Cabo apparently doesn’t stay in Cabo. That's what one elementary school teacher learned when she was fired after a video of her twerking at a bar & beach club while on vaca in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico went viral.

The 24-year-old maestra, who is being identified only as "Carla," claims she was forced to resign once she returned from spring break. However, administration at the Instituto Cumbre de Noroeste, a school in Sonora, Mexico, alleges that several parents saw the video and demanded the teacher be terminated.

But a petition on is calling BS on the school. In it, parents of Carla's students write that they neither complained nor asked that she be fired. They claim that the school is using them as their scapegoat and say that their children are heartbroken with the loss of one of their favorite teachers. Hmm.

Whether parents protested or the administration was just humiliated, Carla, a certified teacher who speaks Spanish, English and Italian and is trained to instruct science, math, grammar and social studies, should not have been fired for shakin' what her mami gave her during a fun getaway. The teacher was terminated for no other reason but embracing her body in a public setting. It’s slut-shaming – Mexican school administration edition, and it’s not OK. 

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Watch the viral video above, and let us know where you stand on the matter.