Texas Teacher Denied Contract Renewal After Nude Photos Leak Online

After Nude Photos Leak Online, Texas Teacher Denied Contract Renewal by School District

High school teacher Elaine Martinez of Eagle Pass, Texas filed a report with the police after her nude photos appeared online. Martinez told officers she took the photos and sent them to someone years ago and they suddenly appeared online in April. In May, the board of the Eagle Pass Independent School District voted not to renew Martinez’s contract. The move by EPISD is controversial if, in fact, Martinez’s photos were uploaded to social media without her consent. 

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Eagle Pass Police Department's public information officer Humberto Garza told a reporter that this isn’t the only case of its kind that his department is investigating. Another woman has reported the same situation which, if found to be true, would be considered a cyber crime. Garza said that federal investigators could be called in to help with Martinez’s case.

Let’s hope so because right now there’s a lot of slut-shaming going on via Eagle Pass message boards, although some people have called out the alleged perpetrator for such a vicious act as well as the school district for failing to act so swiftly when more politically connected employees commit alleged transgressions.

“Sounds like the district is biased against women,” one anonymous commenter on the website Topix said, referencing a male Eagle Pass ISD teacher who was put on paid suspension last year after allegations of misconduct with a school district computer were made against him. The male teacher, Carlos Ruiz, a former Eagle Pass police officer, was arrested earlier this month by Texas Rangers for tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, a third degree felony, and official oppression, a class A misdemeanor. However, unlike Martinez, there hasn't been a public announcement from the school district about whether he’s been terminated.

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Let’s hope Martinez can get some good legal representation for her case, because it seems like, with the school district’s decision not to renew her contract, she could use one.