Suspended Mexican American Studies Classes Could be Restored in Arizona

Suspended Mexican American studies courses that were eliminated from classrooms earlier this year by the Tucson Unified School District in Arizona could be reinstated (and even expanded!) by a new pact. The pact would bring closure to a 1974 lawsuit over racial segregation in Arizona's public schools, reports Fox News Latino.

Groups representing black and Latino plaintiffs in the case have reached an agreement with the school district, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) said. The proposal would aim to increase racially and ethnically integrated schools, improve magnet schools and programs to promote integration and educational quality, and enhance the diversity of the district's administrators, teachers and staff.

The proposal would also restore the courses on Mexican American history and culture that the district cut in January.

"The restoration and expansion of literature and social studies courses that focus on Mexican American experiences recognizes the important role these courses play in engaging students and improving their academic achievement and graduation rates and is a critical strategy for closing the achievement gap for Latino students," MALDEF Western Regional Counsel Nancy Ramirez said. 

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