Supreme Court Rules On Affirmative Action Case

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After weeks of waiting for the Supreme Court to rule on the Fisher vs. the University of Texas at Austin case, the court finally came to a decision on Monday.

The Huffington Post reports that per a 7-to-1 vote, the Supreme Court has decided to pass on the affirmative action case and send it back to a lower court for review. The decision to pass on the case leaves open the possibility that the consideration of race and ethnicity for Texas college admissions, a hard-fought political battle for the state’s Latino politicians, might get overturned once again.

“Today’s ruling in Fisher gives the Fifth Circuit a second chance to make the right call and affirm the value of diversity in college admissions,” the chairman of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus in the Texas legislature, Trey Martinez Fischer, said in a statement. “As a graduate of the University of Texas Law School, I can attest to the value that racial diversity brings to an educational experience. Learning alongside students from different backgrounds helped broaden my personal horizons and introduce me to new ways of thinking.”

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