Summer's Eve Needs to Cleanse their Racist Ad Campaign

I am a Latina. Puerto Rican. I was born and raised in New York. I went to college. I have a job and a son. I have never in my life said “Ay yay yay”.

I don’t speak Spanish, and neither does my va-jay-jay!

When are advertising executives going to get it?

The good people at Summer’s Eve have launched a new “empowerment” campaign, “Hail to the V”, designed to sell their feminine wash products (which are universally known to be bad for you as explained here). But it turns out that by empowerment they really mean dusting off some terrible old stereotypes.

The ads, which feature a vertical talking hand surrounded by graphics meant to indicate the ethnicity of the va-jay-jay (as if that isn’t offensive enough) go on to—in the case of the Latina—speak in slang, complain about a leopard thong, and of course, show the obligatory red lipstick. Oh yeah, and the Latina va-jay-jay has “seen it all” but maybe they didn’t think you’d catch that part since it was in SPANISH!

This isn’t the first time we have been offended by a commercial but please let it be the last. Have they not seen the census numbers? When will they realize that bilingual doesn’t mean Spanglish—it means we speak two languages and not always at the same time. And please stop it with the leopard print and red lipstick.

Congratulations Summer’s Eve, you have indeed empowered me—to never, ever, ever buy your product.

(P.S. I do wear hoop earrings though)