A Frightening Valentine's Day, Students Capture Substitute Teacher Body Slamming 12-Year-Old Student

A North Carolina substitute teacher has been fired after a video captured him body-slamming a student last week.

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On Valentine's Day, a student recorded substitute teacher, Paul A. Stennett body slamming student, Jose Escudero, which led to his termination from Western Guilford Middle School, reports DailyMail.com.

The video footage was posted on Friday by the boy's mother, Heidy Escudero, who claims her son was suspended for seven days because of the incident.

Susan Danielsen, Public Information Officer for the Greensboro Police Department told DailyMail.com that the video "does not capture the entire incident."

The teen told FOX8 that Stennett took away his box of chocolates and threw them in the sink and when Escudero went to retrieve them after class that's when the incident happened.

The 12-year-old says he put the chocolates in his book bag and when the teacher failed to grab it from him he pinned him up against the wall and threw him over his shoulder to the ground.

Jose has bruises on his elbow, shoulder, and back.

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The Escudero family plans to take legal action against the school.