Study: 66% of Latinas Own Smartphones & Other Fun Facts About Latina Shoppers

A new study conducted by Latina Insights, the new research component of Latina Magazine’s publisher Latina Media Ventures, reveals that Latinas are embracing new mobile technology and increasing e-commerce sales in the process. The study, which features 1,900 Latinas born or living in the U.S. for at least 10 years, highlights that 66% of Latinas own a smartphone and 39% use their mobile devices for online shopping.

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Like many consumers, the participants were concerned about saving money. Ninety-two percent of the group admitted to “aggressively” seeking out sales and special online deals. Ninety percent of Latinas were signed up with discount e-commerce sites like Groupon and Gilt Groupe. For department store brands, Macy’s and Target proved to be the favorite franchises amongst the demographic.

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According to the U.S. Census, Latinos (both male and female) make up for $1.3 trillon in consumer spending each year. The study reveals that those numbers won’t be slowing down anytime soon since Latinas are very optimistic about their economic situation. Seventy percent of Latinas think that their financial situation is “good or better” than a year ago.

Marketing director of Latina Media Ventures, Patty Oppenheimer says, “The study makes it clear that this is an unapologetically feminine woman who wants to be spoken to as a feminine consumer interested in trends and innovation.”  

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