Watch This High School Student School Her White Male Teacher on Racism


High school student schools teacher on what Racism really is.

High school student schools teacher on what Racism really is.SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE ALL AROUND THE WORLD WHO CANT GET THEIR HEADS OUT OF THEIR ASSESFor more:

Posted by But That's None Of My Business on Thursday, February 4, 2016


Reminder to All Students of Color: Don’t be afraid to challenge your educators when they teach you a whitewashed version of your history and experiences.

That’s exactly what one high schooler did when her white male teacher’s lesson on racism completely contradicted the lives of her black and brown classmates.

“You're trying to say that it's just race. No. Racism is based on the systematic oppression of people. White people have never suffered that," the young woman tells her teacher in a cellphone recording of the discussion.

She continued: "It's kind of like you, as a white man, saying what is and what is not racist. And that's what's been happening throughout this century.”

The students of color clapped their hands, snapped their fingers and cheered in agreement with the young woman’s remarks, as the white students, and teacher, awkwardly sat and stood around.

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Watch the ever-important video above and take notes on this much-needed lesson.