Street Harassers Can Now Be Fined for Their Piropos in Buenos Aires

Catcallers Can Now Be Fined for Their Piropos in Buenos Aires
Marchas de Putas/Facebook

Mira, mami.” “Dame tu número, sexy.” “Quiero verte desnudo” – those piropos are going to cost you. The city of Buenos Aires, Argentina voted on Wednesday to make catcalling, and other forms of sexual harassment, punishable by a fine.

Under the new legislation, which the council passed unanimously, transgressions like “direct or indirect comments referring to a person’s body” can warrant a fine up to 1,000 pesos (more than $60), BBC reports. The bill also includes street harassment in the forms of non-consensual physical contact, indecent exposure, public masturbation and cornering or following someone.

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“Some forms of sexual harassment in public are accepted as a traditional part of our culture,” Pablo Ferreyra, a politician who supported the bill, told the BBC. “That should not be a reason to tolerate this abuse.”

The government will also create educational campaigns explaining what street harassment is and how bystanders can intervene when they spot it.