Spanish Bullfighter Killed For the First Time in 30 Years

Spanish Bullfighter Killed For The First Time in 30 Years

Víctor Barrio, an award-winning Spanish matador, was fatally speared in the chest by a bull in the ring on Friday.

Barrio was gored to death on live television during a festival called Feria de Ángel in Aragon, an eastern region in Spain. His wife, Raquel Sanz, was in the audience and was said to be "devestated" as she saw her husband motionless on the floor.

Barrio was carried off the field unconscious by his collegues, and, by the time he reached the hospital, he was reported to be in cardiac arrest. He was in resuscitation, intubated, and was given a tracheotomy to allow him to breathe. The doctors reported there was nothing they could do to save him.

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The bull, named Lorenzo, stabbed through his lung and cut an aorta in his chest, with some damage around his heart. In bullfighter tradition, when a bull kills, his mother is sent to the slaughterhouse to discontinue its bloodline. 

According to the Guardian, this has rewnewed animal activists' pleas for a total ban on bullfighting. Spain's animal rights party, Pacma, demanded an end to the sport.

"We reject traditions based in violence, revenge, and blood," they said in a statement. "No rite, tradition, or custom based on the succession of deaths can be good for any society."

Hundreds of people gathered at Barrio's, a bullfighter of six years, funeral in his home town of Sepúlveda, Segovia.