Happy Birthday, Sonia Sotomayor! 10 Things You Never Knew About The Supreme Court Justice

Happy birthday, Sonia! The first Latina to join the Supreme Court, this “wise Latina” has definitely left her mark. We’re celebrating with these 10 fun facts about Justice Sotomayor. Read on!

1. She’s a comic book hero! 

Sotomayor got the Wonder Woman treatment in 2010, when her story was made into a comic book series that also featured other notable women such as Hillary Clinton. Not too shabby!

2.  She can cut a rug.

Joining La Bamba star Esai Morales at the Noche Musical gala for The National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, Sotomayor cut loose without breaking rhythm. 

3. She hates knock-offs. 

As a young attorney, Sotomayor was involved in the early days of counterfeit enforcement, where she prosecuted those selling fake designer bags and was even a part of the event termed the “Fendi Crush” in 1986, where fake Fendi bags were smashed by a garbage truck as a message to those who buy and sell these goods.