Woman Invents Sports Bra with Built-In Self-Defense Feature

Woman Invents A Sports Bra with Built-In Self-Defense Feature After Being Attacked

When Jennifer Cutrona was attacked last April while jogging on a trail in Texas, all she could think about were her boys. The following day, the mother of two sewed a small pocket into the front of her sports bra where she could store pepper spray or a knife for defense. Today, these bras, Booby Trap Bras, are available for purchase.

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"After this happened to me, I realized that I may not be a lot to many people, but to these guys, I'm everything," Cutrona told Fox 59.

Though she was fortunate enough to get away, Cutrona understands that for other women, this may not be the case. That's why she's making her sports bra available to others. Her design will allow women to quickly respond and defend themselves if they are in fear of an attack. As such, she also hopes that it will make potential assailants think twice before behaving hostile.

"So, I could keep running ... and he's got something more to think about now because his DNA is all over the ground and he's wounded and going, 'Oh, okay, maybe I shouldn't mess with this girl," Cutrona continued. 

Cutrona wants other women to be prepared and feel empowered, especially if they're running in a secluded area.

"Just be ready," her mother, Cindy Andrews, adds. "You have to take responsibility for yourself and your own protection."

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The sports bra with a built-in self-defense feature comes in two models: "Just In Case Knife Bra," which retails for $54.99, and "Just in Case Pepper Spray Bra," which costs $49.99.