This 6-Year-Old Had the Selena-Themed Birthday Party of Our Dreams

Ayvah Vega just had the best birthday party of her life — and she's only six years old.

According to her parents, Alex and Belinda, the little Texas native has been a huge Selena Quintanilla fan since the first time she saw the "Queen of Tejano" perform in a YouTube video. That's why for her sixth birthday party her parents went all out, dropping at least $500 on her Bidi Bidi Birthday Bash.

"For two months straight, her alarm was 'Bidi Bidi Bom Bom,'" Alex said. "We introduced her to the movie, and she's probably watched it 100 times — if it's not being played in the house, it's being played in the car."

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Ayvah arrived at her party donning the signature purple jumpsuit. The venue was decorated with a mini stage, a piñata of the singer and a rose-embellished cake with a Selena topper. Party attendees also had an opportunity to learn the iconic "washing machine" dance. 

"Our little girl has always been a performer since the age of 2, she's always dancing and singing for us," Alex said. "There's just something about (Ayvah), when you put her on stage, she just switches."

Check out Ayvah's incredible birthday party pics down below.