Say What?! There's a Toilet Paper Shortage in Venezuela

Ain’t this some s---.  Venezuela is suffering from a toilet paper shortage, NY Daily News reports. According to some economists, the South American country’s shortage stem from price controls meant to make basic goods available to the poorest parts of society, as well as the government’s controls on foreign currency.

As thinkers discuss the issue in the broadest way possible, Venezuelan citizens are scrambling to find toilet paper wherever they can, for fear of a bathroom emergency. The Venezuelan government has announced it will import 50 million rolls (and 760,000 tons of food), and its new President Nicolas Maduro claimed the shortage was caused by anti-government forces to destabilize the country.

70-year-old Maria Rojas said she has been searching for toilet paper for two weeks now – and finally found it at a supermarket in downtown Caracas.

“Even at my age, I’ve never seen this,” she said.

That makes all of us.

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