Rubi XV: Over One Million Mexicans RSVP'd to This Girl's Quince After Her Invite Went Viral!

Over a Million Mexicans RSVP for the Party of the Year: Rubi XV

Thanks to the internet, everyone's trying to get into the hottest event of 2016: Rubí's Quinceañera. 

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Rubí Ibarra García is a normal 14 going on 15 Mexican girl, who will be celebrating her quince on December 26 in the small town of La Joya, located in the central state of San Luis Potosí in Mexico. 

What sets her apart from the rest of the girls her age? The YouTube announcement video her parents made, which went viral almost immediately. For some reason, internet trolls found her parents' video hilarious and created copycat events and memes to make the party look like the biggest event that the world has seen this year.

When Rubí's father found out this was happening, he asked Facebook users to remove the fake events and clarify that the quince invite was only meant for friends in La Joya, not all of Mexico. 

As we all know, when you feed the trolls, they come out in record-breaking amounts. Thousands of Mexicans started a second massive wave of memes and Facebook events to organize a massive rally to attend Rubí's birthday party, calling for volunteers to help prepare the food needed for the millions of guests.

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Looks like many people are going to get to Rubí's quince — no matter what it takes. Felices quince, Rubí!

Take a look at all the memes that went around:


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