Rosario Dawson Shows Support For Arrested Undocumented Activists

Ten riders on the "UndocuBus", a month-long immigrant rights campaign that shuttled undocumented immigrants to areas of protest, were arrested by police near the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, according to Univision. The stop was the final stop for the UndocuBus, as it made its way from Arizona through eleven states.

Rosario Dawson, co-founder of Voto Latino and activist, spoke to the crowd after the arrests were made. "After four years, our families are still being separated. It's enough," she told the crowd. "You should not be afraid, things will change in this country." 

The activists on the UndocuBus called on President Obama to enact comprehensive immigration reform.

What do you think of these arrests? Do they make a statement?