Report: 1.4 Million Latino Adults Identify as LGBT

According to a new report by the UCLA Williams Institute, an estimated 1.4 million of adult Latinos in the United States consider themselves lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) and 29 percent of Latino same-sex couples are raising children.

“While sometimes less visible in popular representations of LGBT people and families, Latinos make up a sizable portion of the LGBT population, and they tend to live in Latino, as opposed to LGBT, communities,” said Gary J. Gates, Williams Distinguished Scholar.

The report, which was based on the 2010 Census, found that nearly 60 percent of these Latinos live in California, Florida, Texas and New York.

“The study highlights that public debates in these states on whether to prohibit discrimination of the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity or whether to recognize the relationships of same-sex couples, impact members of both the Latino and LGBT communities," noted Williams Institute Scholar Angeliki Kastanis.

Williams Institute's report also found that "Latino individuals in same-sex couples are also more likely to be born in the U.S. than Latino individuals in different sex couples (59% versus 37%) and more likely to be a U.S. citizen than their counterparts in different-sex couples (80% versus 62%)."