Rapper Chamillionaire Urges Minorities to Stick Together After Negative Comments On Immigration


 A week ago rapper Chamillionaire responded to the criticism he received when he reached out to help the family of a father who was being deported.

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The Houston rapper said he received comments saying he needed to "help his own" which started a bigger conversation about immigration.  "For the record, I didn't just wake up today and decide that I wanted to be woke," he says. "Helping them, helps, us. They didn't enslave us, they didn't imprison us, they didn't marginalize us, and did nothing to warrant hate from us. People would love to treat us and other minorities the same way they'd treat them. Don't let evil agendas turn us against each other." 


Although, the Grammy award-winning recording artist admits he didn't take to social media to talk about immigration before he says he wants to use his platform to talk about important issues that minorities face. 

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"We have more power now than we've ever had," he says.