WATCH: Racist White Woman Threatens to Kill Black Family, Demands They "Get Out of My Country"


Another day, another white woman caught on camera being racist. On Thursday, VladTV posted an Instagram video of a woman terrorizing a Black family at a fast food store.

"Get out of my country," the blonde-haired woman yells before walking closer to the family as an employee blocks her.

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"You are all ugly. You are the ugliest mother f**kers in the f**king world. Get the f**k out," she continues yelling. “’cause I don’t want you here … and I’m going to kill you when I can.”

It’s unclear where the violent scene took place and who the woman is, but the video, which has gone viral, is yet another example of the brutality people of color are experiencing at the hands (or mouths) of white people under an administration where racism is free to run wild.