Racist Walmart Shopper Tells Latina "Go Back to Mexico" and Calls Black Woman the N-Word

Eva Hicks/Facebook

Racism has gone viral again. This time, a white woman at a Walmart store in Betonville, Arkansas attacked both a Latina and a Black woman.

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In the video, posted on Facebook on Monday by Eva Hicks, the woman yells at Hicks to "go back to Mexico ... go back ... wherever you're from." What inspired her xenophobia? The white woman didn't appreciate a Latina trying to get medicine near her, even though Hicks said, "excuse me."

"You're in America," the white woman continued. That's when a third customer, a Black woman, got involved. She told the white woman to "stop being ignorant." The white woman couldn't believe it, responding, "a (N-word) calling me ignorant?"

"Yes, all this go back to Mexico and all that stuff, yes, absolutely," the Black woman said.

Hicks couldn’t believe the white woman used the racial slur, gasping before saying, "Oh my goodness, you're very rude."

"It's not your country. We don't want you here," the white woman continued.

"No, I'm not going to get out of here ... because this is my country," Hicks replied.

Soon, the racial attack became too much for Hicks, and she began to sob. The white woman then mocks her. At this point, a store manager intervenes, telling the white woman her behavior is “inappropriate” and asks her to leave.

In an interview with NBC News, a Walmart representative said that they have tried reaching out to Hicks to apologize for the matter, but have not been able to reach her. They noted that they are also trying to identify the third woman who intervened as well as the white woman.

"We value and respect everyone who visits our stores. We have no tolerance for the language or actions of this customer and are proud that our assistant manager responded appropriately by asking her to leave the store," said Walmart spokesperson Randy Hargrove.

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Once they identify the white woman, Hargrove said she will be banned from all Walmart stores.