Racist Flyers Urging Black Residents to Help Deport Latinxs Circulating in Chicago


Flyers calling on Black residents to report undocumented immigrants to authorities are circulating throughout Chicago.

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The leaflet inaccurately states that "Sanctuary city Policies endanger the lively hood[sic] of every american [sic], while violating federal law and destroying the black community."

It also notes that there will be a reward of $3,000 to $10,000 "per illegal reported" and asks that people "help Atty. General Jeff Sessions Help US Black People."

One of president Donald Trump's first executive orders was to defund sanctuary cities, like Chicago, of most federal grants, an action that was blocked by a judge in April. Earlier this week, the Trump administration scaled back initial threats, with Attorney General Jeff Sessions stating they would only remove grants from sanctuary cities that are used to fight crime and terrorism.

Raymond Lopez, alderman of the 15th Ward, Chicago's South Side, immediately condemned the flyers.

“The flyer offers outrageous and baseless claims that Latino immigrants are taking jobs away from African-American Chicagoans," he said, according to DNA Info. "Don’t fall for this phony argument."

He continued: “This flyer is a fraud, and an effort by some nameless entity to divide us and get people to sell their own neighbors, like Judas Iscariot, for a few pieces of silver. We all know how history remembers Judas."

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The handbill, which reads "ICE EM," includes a tip line for the Department of Homeland Security.