Puerto Rico University Attracts US Hispanics Who Want to Improve Their Español

The desire to be bilingual has motivated some Latino college students to move to Puerto Rico. La Universidad del Sagrado Corazón (Sacred Heart University) in Puerto Rico has seen an increase in its enrollment mainland U.S. Hispanics seeking to brush up on their language skills. Jose Jaime Rivera, the university’s president, told the Spanish news agency EFE that his school promotes multiculturalism.

Is Being Bilingual Good For Your Brain?

The university, located in the San Juan suburb of Santurce, is trying to expand its appeal to students from around the world. La Universidad del Sagrado Corazón provides instruction in both English and Spanish and has students from various exchange programs from Colombia, Chile and Brazil.

We think this trend of students trying to improve their Spanish language is great!  What do you think?